Cinderella ending explained: Did Ella’s dream come true?

Camilla Cabello stars in CINDERELLAPhoto: Christopher Raphael
Camilla Cabello stars in CINDERELLAPhoto: Christopher Raphael /

Ella had a dream and it didn’t initially involve the prince. Did things change by the end of the movie? Here’s a look at the Cinderella ending.

Amazon brought another version of the classic Cinderella tale. However, this is one that will offer inspiration for young girls (and even boys!). In this version, Ella has a dream that doesn’t involve the prince.

She wants to be a dressmaker. Her big dream is owning her own store and selling to the people of her small village. However, she’s constantly met with naysayers who don’t believe a woman can run a business.

That is until she meets the prince, without actually realizing he was the prince. The prince quickly buys her dress and encourages her to turn up to the ball. He’ll be able to put her in touch with people who will give her a dream a chance.

Do Ella’s dreams come true on Cinderella?

Of course, a lot of movies and shows have a woman with a dream of her own. There are plenty of movies and shows where we have this chance that the story reminds us that a woman’s worth isn’t in being with a man. That’s a dangerous thing to tell anyone, continually putting women down and suggesting that careers are just a temporary dream until they find love and become mothers.

Cinderella doesn’t follow that. During the ball, Ella tells Prince Robert that she can’t be with him. She wants to be, but he makes comments about how she wouldn’t be able to follow her dream of being a dressmaker. Hearing that led to her deciding that she couldn’t be with him.

While she admitted she was in love, she also admitted that her dream was important. However, her stepmother made it clear that dreams were worthless for women. Cinderella is set in what looks like it’s some Medival time period (although there are zippers), so the opinion that women need to marry well isn’t that surprising. That doesn’t stop it from being disappointing.

The stepmother arranges a marriage for Ella, and off she goes for this marriage. However, it was all part of Ella’s plan to get away and get to the town. She needed to see the queen she’d met during the ball to show off her designs and land her dream job.

Along the way, she runs into Robert. He makes it clear that he’s going to choose him, and that means choosing them together. He doesn’t want to stop Ella from chasing her dream, and he’s willing to give up the crown for her. Ella says yes, but she still needs to get to the town. Fortunately, she gets there in time, and naturally, the queen hires her. Ella will travel with this queen around the world creating dresses for her.

It’s a dream come true for all, even the prince who didn’t want to be king. Cinderella gave us a modern-day fairytale that shows a man giving up things for the woman he loves is more than acceptable.

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Cinderella is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.