Will Candyman come to Amazon Prime Video?

Candyman one sheet - Courtesy of Universal Pictures
Candyman one sheet - Courtesy of Universal Pictures /

Say his name five times and he’ll arrive, but will that mean an arrival on Amazon Prime Video? Is Candyman heading to Amazon in the future?

Candyman is the direct sequel to the 1992 original movie of the same name. It picks up after the events from the original movie and doesn’t take into account the second and third movies in the original franchise.

However, the basics are the same. Candyman is real, and he is more than willing to kill. And yes, that backstory of the original Candyman is still the same.

Saying his name may bring him to life in the movie, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will bring the movie to Amazon Prime Video. Is there a chance we’ll be able to watch Candyman for free in 2021? To determine that, we need to look at the production studio and plans for the release.

Candyman is likely to come to Amazon Prime Video

There’s a little bit of good news. Candyman is an MGM movie, and Amazon recently acquired MGM. All the movies should come to Amazon Prime Video.

Even without the acquisition, MGM movies went to Amazon Prime Video. It took about 11 to 12 months for the releases to happen, encouraging people to head to theaters and then buy on DVD or Digital before streaming for free. That pattern could continue now that Amazon has acquired the production studio.

While reviews are mixed, they are on the more positive side. The story isn’t as terrifying as the first movie, but then what is? Once you’ve seen the first movie, you know the lore and that can take away some of the fear. However, director Nia DaCosta certainly adds some beautiful visual effects with the twists and turns along the way.

With Jordan Peele as one of the co-writers, it was impossible to go completely wrong, right?

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Candyman is currently out in theaters. Stay tuned for the Amazon Prime Video release date.