When is Candyman coming to DVD and Blu-ray?

Candyman one sheet - Courtesy of Universal Pictures
Candyman one sheet - Courtesy of Universal Pictures /

Candyman is the long-awaited sequel to the original movie of the same name. When can you watch the 2021 movie on DVD and Blu-ray?

Yes, there were two other movies in the franchise after the 1992 original, but this new movie is a direct sequel to the first movie. Jordan Peele has co-wrote the movie with Nia DaCosta directing, and it is one you need to put on your watch list.

Of course, not everyone wants to head to theaters just yet. And there’s always the concern that theaters won’t be open by the time you go see it (thanks Delta variant!), so you’ll want to know when Candyman is on DVD and Blu-ray.

We don’t have an exact date yet, but we are keeping a close eye. We can also make a prediction based on previous releases from the same studio. This is an MGM movie, which means we’re looking at the likes of Gretel & Hansel and Bill & Ted Face the Music.

Candyman DVD release date predictions

It took Gretel & Hansel a little more than three months to get the DVD treatment. The movie was release in theaters before the pandemic, which will play a part in that. Bill & Ted Face the Music took a little more than two months to get the DVD treatment, but this movie was released during the pandemic.

There’s a chance Candyman will follow a similar release method as Bill & Ted since the pandemic continues. After all, Bill & Ted was highly anticipated but the studios had to make things work for those who wouldn’t head to theaters and during a time that most theaters were closed.

The release date of the movie in theaters has already been pushed. MGM isn’t going to want to lose out on too much money, but the DVD release could be the way to do that. So we’re potentially looking at the start of November 2021 for the movie. Maybe it will be late October to time with Halloween.

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Candyman is now in theaters. Stay tune for the latest update about the DVD release.