Modern Love Season 2, Episode 4 recap: Getting out of the friend zone

Modern Love season 2. Photo credit: Christopher Saunders. Amazon Studios.
Modern Love season 2. Photo credit: Christopher Saunders. Amazon Studios. /

When a girl starts to fall for her best friend, she looks for ways to get out of the friend zone. Here’s what happened on Modern Love Season 2, Episode 4.

Lil is the new girl at school. She’s outspoken and knows her interests, but there’s one area in her life where she isn’t all that confident. It’s all about her heart.

In Modern Love Season 2, Episode 4, we start with a grown-up Lil taking the stage as a stand-up comic. She catches the glimpse of a boy in the audience, and that’s when we get the flashback of the story.

This boy was her best friend. She loved him, but he never felt that way about her. That is until one night in college. Lil and Vince have sex, and she thinks that means they’re together. After all, he knowingly took her virginity.

It turns out Vince did it, but he doesn’t want a relationship with her. He doesn’t want to risk damaging their friendship. Well, it’s too late for that!

Lil finds her way to greatness on Modern Love Season 2, Episode 4

It’s a classic tale of unrequited love when you look into the story. Lil manages to find confidence and a career thanks to Vince. Think of her as a young, Black Midge Maisel. After heartbreak, she turns to comedy.

That first night after the truth bomb, Lil shows off her comedic talents. She uses her own personal experience to make the audience laugh. And so it starts her dream of being a stand-up comic.

And that brings us to where the episode started. She’s looking at Vince as she impresses the audience with her comedy. At the end, Vince congratulates her.

They talk, but it’s awkward at first. Eventually, they find their rhythm and head to the rooftop that’s always been their place. It’s a chance to reconnect, and we, as an audience, see that Lil is no longer in love with Vince as she used to be. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want him in her life, though. They are best friends, and they will always love each other, but only as friends.

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