Modern Love Season 2, Episode 3 recap: Did the strangers reunite?

Modern Love Season 2 -- Courtesy of David Cleary/Amazon
Modern Love Season 2 -- Courtesy of David Cleary/Amazon /

Two strangers meet on a train but don’t get each other’s number on Modern Love Season 2, Episode 3. Do they reunite two weeks later?

It’s March 2020. The world is on the brink of shutting down, but everyone only thinks it’s going to be for two weeks. Two strangers meet on a train heading to Dublin, with the idea that they’ll meet two weeks later on the train back to Galway.

They don’t exchange numbers. They don’t even exchange last names. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

It seems like it should be. There’s an absolutely hilarious song by one of the passengers that the whole train gets involved in. It just sets up the rom-com vibe.

However, the pandemic hits. The two weeks are extended, but that doesn’t stop Michael and Paula trying to find their ways back to each other. They still head to the train station on the day they agreed. Is it happily ever after?

We have no idea if they get together on Modern Love Season 2, Episode 3

Paula’s mom loves the story of the two strangers meeting on a train and getting to know each other. They’re complete opposites, but isn’t that something that can make them work? Paula’s mom pushes her to head back to the train station when the world shuts down for longer.

Meanwhile, Michael is the hopeless romantic and is staying with his brother, who makes a Game of Thrones comment because that’s necessary with Kit Harington playing Michael. His brother doesn’t want to help Michael meet up with Paula again, laughing at the idea of it. He won’t even let Michael borrow the car to get to the train station, so ends up borrowing his brother’s bike.

He tells a cop on the way about the story of meeting on a train and trying to get to this woman. Of course, the cop just laughs him off and sends him back home. So, Michael has to figure out another way to find his stranger.

That’s when he remembers an address that Paula had given on the phone. He gets the street name, which should be enough, right?

This time, Michael’s brother does let him borrow the car. Off he heads to the street, and as he pulls up, there’s a woman walking out of a door. Could it be?

No, it’s not Paula. So, Michael will need to start working his way up the street. The camera pans out to see just how long the street is. Will the two ever meet? We never get to find out on Modern Love Season 2, Episode 3.

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