Will IMDb TV save Rebel?

The hunt for a new home for Rebel is still on. The latest home could be IMDb TV. Here’s what we know about the hope for its future.

ABC canceled Rebel after just a handful of episodes. It was a surprising decision, especially since the show hadn’t even been given a chance to find its footing or its audience. The hunt was quickly on to find a new home for the series.

Recently, we found out that the hunt was still going. There was still hope that Rebel would find a home, unlike Prodigal Son, where the search has come to an end. Now we learn that the Katey Sagal-led drama may just head to IMDb TV.

Amazon’s free streaming platform has landed the first season. Is there a chance that IMDb TV will save Rebel?

Could Rebel Season 2 happen on IMDb TV?

IMDb TV and ABC Studios have done a deal that could see a future for the series, according to Deadline. The Amazon-owned platform has got the first season. Eyes are on how it performs on the ad-supported streamer. If it does well, the series could be picked up for a second season.

This is not the only canceled ABC series in 2021 that IMDb TV is looking to save. Both seasons of For Life have also ended up on the platform with the streamer looking at the performance. Should the performance be good, there’s a chance that Season 3 will happen.

It’s hard to say the decision that will be made for both of the shows. We have some hope that the shows will find a new home, but IMDb TV is still on the newer side for streamers.

What did you think of Rebel? Should IMDb TV save the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Rebel is now streaming on IMDb TV.