Is Alex Rider renewed for Season 2?

Alex Rider - Season 1 - Episode 103. Image courtesy Des Willie/Sony Pictures Television. © 2019 Sony Pictures Television
Alex Rider - Season 1 - Episode 103. Image courtesy Des Willie/Sony Pictures Television. © 2019 Sony Pictures Television /

Alex Rider Season 1 brought us everything we needed from the books and much more. Will we get to see more? Is Season 2 happening at IMDb TV?

It was natural to go into the Alex Rider series with some apprehension. The books have been so beloved for so long that there was the fear of not doing them justice. After all, the movie just didn’t hit the mark.

Then we got the first season of the IMDb TV series, and it was certainly worth the watch. It was also more than worth the hype, and it’s led to us looking for more.

The first season gave us the Point Blanc story instead of starting right at the beginning of the book series. Now that we’ve got to know Alex and his friends and we’ve had a chance to see the organization his uncle worked for, it’s time to get to know everyone better and see the next part of the story. Is that going to happen, though?

Has Alex Rider been renewed?

There is some excellent news. Alex Rider Season 2 is going to happen. The show was renewed shortly after it was released on IMDb TV in the United States due to the success. It had already aired in the UK and had received similar reviews to warrant the renewal.

According to Production Weekly, the third season is already in development. There is nothing official about this just yet.

Is there going to be a Season 2 of Alex Rider?

Yes, there is definitely going to be a second season of the teen spy series. It’s going to follow the novel Eagle Strike, the fourth novel in the series. It’s not surprising the adaptations are out of order considering the series started with the second book. It makes sense to develop some of the favorite novels in the series and work the storylines from other books for character development in as and when needed.

When does the new season of Alex Rider start?

We don’t have a start date for the new season just yet. Filming was supposed to start in 2020 but was delayed due to the pandemic. It started up in February 2021.

There is a chance that it could arrive in 2021 based on the February start date, but there’s no guarantee of that. To allow for all the post-production that would be needed, we’d be looking at early 2022.

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Alex Rider is available to stream on IMDb TV.