Is Homecoming Season 3 coming in 2021?

Homecoming season 2. Image Courtesy Ali Goldstein/Amazon Studios
Homecoming season 2. Image Courtesy Ali Goldstein/Amazon Studios /

Right now, we don’t even know if Homecoming Season 3 is going to happen. If it does, is there a chance it will arrive on Amazon in 2021?

Amazon has remained quiet about the future of Homecoming. The second season came out in May 2020, and we’ve heard nothing about the series since then. Does this mean Homecoming Season 3 isn’t happening?

We can’t say for certain just yet. It’s possible that the show has been left in limbo due to Amazon still being interested in the story, but there just isn’t a story quite yet. There needs to be a story to tell to justify creating the content. That’s what everyone deserves.

So, don’t write the show off just yet. But is there a chance we’ll see the third season arrive in 2021?

Don’t expect Homecoming Season 3 in 2021

There’s a very slim chance that Homecoming Season 3 will be on Amazon in 2021. It’s simply not possible to get through all the work unless a renewal and the production process started in secret. That’s a long shot, so we’re saying that all the pre-production, production, and post-production for the season would need to happen.

It takes a long time to get through all this. Much longer than the six months left of the year. Even if a renewal happened today, getting the season before the end of the year just isn’t possible.

The earliest we’ll get the season now is summer 2022. Keep in mind that it took 18 months between the first two seasons, and that was without the pandemic causing delays. So, we’d probably be looking at 18 months from when the new season is confirmed. That suggests the end of 2022 at the earliest if a renewal happened today.

It’s something we’ll be sure to let you know when there’s news about the season.

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Homecoming is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.