Is Lovecraft Country renewed for Season 2?

Lovecraft Country Season 1, Episode 4 - Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO
Lovecraft Country Season 1, Episode 4 - Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO /

If you love supernatural horror, Lovecraft Country is certainly a series worth checking out. Will Season 2 happen? Has HBO renewed the series?

When Atticus Black found out that his estranged father was missing, he wouldn’t just sit back and do nothing. Instead, he, his Uncle George, and his friend Letitia headed off on a journey across America.

Not a problem, right? Well, let’s factor in that they’re a trio of Black people in 1950s America. Of course, that meant a lot of racism and segregation, but that turned out to be the least of the trio’s worries.

Misha Green took us on a dark and twisty journey, developing the side characters as well as the main storyline. It ended with some major questions and big reveals, but will we end up with any answers? Is Lovecraft Country Season 2 happening?

Has Lovecraft Country been renewed?

We have some bad news about the series. HBO decided not to go ahead with a second season of the series. The series was canceled in July 2021 after just one season.

Is Season 2 of Lovecraft Country going to happen?

No, the second season is not going to happen. Misha Green has inked an overall deal with Apple TV+ after the devastating news about the future of the HBO series. We’ll be left wondering what the story was going to be from this point.

However, the show landed multiple Emmys 2021 nominations despite its cancellation. Not only did the series land an Outstanding Drama Series nomination, but it also landed noms for the actors, the visual effects, and much more.

When does the new season of Lovecraft Country start?

The new season isn’t going to start. There isn’t going to be a second season of the horror show.

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Lovecraft Country Season 1 is available to stream on HBO.