When is Bosch Season 8 coming to Amazon Prime Video?

Bosch Season 7 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Bosch Season 7 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

You’ve had the chance to binge-watch all 10 episodes of Bosch Season 7. Now you want more. When will Bosch Season 8 come to Amazon Prime Video?

Bosch Season 7 delivered an impactful season that left us with some questions about the future for Harry Bosch and a few others. The story clearly isn’t over, so when can we see the next part of the story on Amazon?

There is some bad news. Bosch Season 8 isn’t happening. When the series was renewed for a seventh season, Amazon confirmed that it would be the last.

There is no turning back from this. Some actors have moved onto new projects, but there is a little bit of good news in the bad.

Bosch spin-off instead of Bosch Season 8

Rather than getting Bosch Season 8, we’re getting a spin-off. Actually, it’s not really a traditional spin-off.

A spin-off takes side characters from the main series and develops a show around them. Think of Angel being developed from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Originals being developed from The Vampire Diaries.

In the upcoming Bosch spin-off, it’s going to still focus on Harry Bosch. Titus Welliver is back in the lead role, so we’ll get to see the next part of his story.

When is the Bosch spin-off coming to Amazon?

We won’t see the continuation series on Amazon Prime Video. It’s going to be on IMDb TV. The good news is this is owned by Amazon. We can still cover it here at Amazon Adviser.

The slightly bad news is that the free streamer is ad-supported. After binge-watching a show without any ads, you’ll need to get used to them again.

Filming has started on the new series, but it’s not clear when it will be out. We’re looking at sometime in summer 2022 at the earliest.

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Bosch is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.