Flack Season 2: Did Eve stay with Gabriel?

Flack Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Flack Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Gabriel immediately took a liking to Eve on Flack Season 2, but he quickly proved to be a questionable person. Did Eve stay with him?

One thing that Flack Season 2 did well was develop the other characters. The first season was mostly about Robyn, although we got to know a few of the other characters. Season 2 gave us more Eve, Caroline, and Melody.

With Eve we got to see her around her mom and future sister-in-law, but we also got to see her attempt another relationship. She didn’t initially like Gabriel, but she started to take to him. One thing she didn’t need was Robyn trying to help in that department, even if Robyn was trying to warn her off Gabriel.

Eve is a big girl, and she can take care of herself. At least, that’s what she told Robyn, but what would she do about Gabriel?

Did Eve get rid of Gabriel in Flack Season 2?

At first, it looked like Eve was going to give Gabriel a chance. In fact, she did. There were elements of him that were good.

That was until she saw all the warning signs. He wasn’t happy when she refused to choose the clothes he picked out for her. And he didn’t exactly respect her time with the date, even if he did bring the restaurant to her. He really should have just canceled.

Very quickly, it was clear that he was possessive and dangerous. Would Eve see that or become one of his victims?

This is Eve. She saw through it. By the end of Flack Season 2, she wasn’t with Gabriel. However, is that really going to be it? Does a guy like Gabriel take rejection that well? It’s something we need a third season for.

Also, Flack Season 3 needs to give Eve a good guy (or even gal) to end up with. She deserves happiness.

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