Did Robyn keep the baby on Flack Season 2?

Flack Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Flack Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Flack Season 1 ended with Robyn finding out she was pregnant despite trying everything to avoid that. What happened on Flack Season 2?

Robyn had a decision to make. She’d found out she was pregnant, and it wasn’t necessarily Sam’s. It could have been Tom’s baby, and she admitted that to Sam considering he asked after catching the two of them together.

This was a woman who didn’t even want a baby in the first place. She told Sam that she did, but then she took birth control pills to try to prevent it. She’s a career woman who enjoys her alcohol and drugs. She also has a lot of trauma to deal with, and she wasn’t ready to bring a child into the world.

So, what decision would she make during the second season? Did she choose to keep the baby or not?

Did Robyn have an abortion on Flack Season 2?

We found Robyn at an abortion clinic early on in Flack Season 2. She had nobody with her, and while there, she looked nervous.

Would she go through with the abortion? It turned out that she didn’t need to. She had a miscarriage while there, and she was genuinely upset about that. There may have been a mixture of relief there as it meant she didn’t have to go through with the abortion for the baby she didn’t want.

Melody had figured out where Robyn was. That led to Eve going to comfort Robyn at the end, and it turned out that Eve had her fair share of abortions in the past. This was just the start of finding out more about Robyn’s best friend. She certainly gave the guy outside the clinic a piece of her mind because of it!

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