Is Flack renewed for Season 3?

Flack. Image courtesy PopTV PR
Flack. Image courtesy PopTV PR /

It’s been a long wait for Flack Season 2, but it’s finally dropped on Amazon. With the way things ended, we need a third season to happen.

We start this with a cheer that Flack Season 2 is finally on Amazon Prime Video. We’ve waited a long time for this six-episode season. You’ve likely already binged your way through it, which means you’ve got to that shocking twist of events at the end of the finale.

Of course, with that cliffhanger, we certainly need more of the story. Robyn’s life is, once again, turned completely upside down. We need to see if there’s any chance of redemption for her, or if she’s just beyond that.

That means we need Flack Season 3 to happen. What are the chances of that being the case?

Has Flack been renewed?

As of right now, the show hasn’t been renewed. When Amazon saved the show, it was to make sure the second season would air. However, there is the option for a renewal. We had hoped the third season would be confirmed before Season 2 dropped, but that wasn’t the case.

Will there be a Season 3 of Flack?

Our eyes are on whether Amazon will cancel or renew the show. It’s likely that Amazon wants to look at how the streaming figures are for the second season. After all, some viewers had already watched the first season, which would have skewed numbers.

Hopefully, we’ll hear about the future of the show within the next couple of weeks. If we haven’t heard anything within a couple of months, I’d say this is a quiet cancellation.

When does the new season of Flack start?

If the show is renewed, it will need to film. However, the last two seasons have been six episodes each, and the VFX aren’t as extensive as shows like The Boys and The Expanse. It would be possible for the second season to arrive around August 2022.

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Flack is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.