Amazon saves Flack after Pop TV’s abrupt actions

Amazon has stepped in to save Flack from cancellation

Just ahead of Flack Season 2 premiering, the show was abruptly canceled by Pop TV. There didn’t seem to be much of a reason. It’s not like the season was even given a chance to shine. Well, Amazon has stepped in to save the day.

Fans will remember that the second season didn’t even get a chance to air. Pop TV just abruptly dropped the show, despite the content being ready. Amazon’s role right now is to make sure the first two seasons get to air in North America.

Deadline reports that the first two seasons will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video in the U.S. and Canada. There is no word on when, and there’s also no word on when the show will be available everywhere else. However, one step at a time, right?

Hope for a third season?

Right now, there isn’t a confirmed third season. Amazon stepping in to air the first two seasons doesn’t definitely mean completely saving it. Amazon will need to work with British producer UKTV to see if there is a viable third season of the story.

It doesn’t mean that Flack Season 3 definitely won’t happen. It’s just a sign that Amazon thinks there’s something strong about the comedy-drama that focuses on Anna Paquin’s Robyn, a flawed woman who works in the dark world of PR. The show gives us a look at what some people are willing to do to make it to the top, and we get an anti-hero, flawed woman who definitely has a lot to admire at the same time.

The second season promised to show Robyn pick up the pieces after a myriad of addictions affected her relationships. Sam Neill and Daniel Dae Kim joined the series for the second season, with Martha Plimpton and Jane Horrocks guest-starring for a few episodes.

If the show performs well on the streaming service, there’s no doubt that Amazon will likely consider renewing the show. There has been more of a focus on snappy dramedies and meaningful stories, which Flack has the promise to tell.

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What do you hope to see from Amazon now that it’s saved Flack? Do you hope there’s a third season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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