Flack Season 2 premiere: How does Melody get her job back?

Flack - Pictured (L-R) Rebecca Benson as Melody, Lydia Wilson as Eve - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR
Flack - Pictured (L-R) Rebecca Benson as Melody, Lydia Wilson as Eve - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR /

We knew Melody would somehow end up working at Mills Paulson again on Flack Season 2. Just how did she get her job back after being fired?

At the end of Flack Season 1, Robyn fired Melody. It wasn’t that Melody wasn’t good at her job, but that Robyn didn’t think the job was good for her. That wasn’t what Melody believed, but she couldn’t argue back.

During the Flack Season 2 premiere, we saw Melody working in a coffee shop but getting ready for an interview at another PR firm. However, she was always going to end up back at Mills Paulson. The promo images told us that.

The big question was how she’d end up back there. If she wasn’t going to fight for her job back, what would land her back with Eve and Robyn?

Eve was devious on the Flack Season 2 premiere

Eve had everything to do with Melody coming back. We found out that Melody’s interview was canceled at short notice. The reference from Mills Paulson was horrendous, and the firm even said to take Mills Paulson off her CV.

Melody thought it was over and even told Eve what had happened. What had she done to Robyn to get such a bad reference?

It didn’t matter to Eve. She wanted Melody to come work at Mills Paulson again, offering Melody the position as her assistant. It all happened after Melody helped Eve with a publicity problem. Eve took credit for it—well, didn’t say exactly who came up with the idea—but she didn’t tear Melody down. Instead, she noticed Melody’s skills and wanted Melody by her side.

Eve was the one to give the bad reference. We found out at the very end with a voicemail from the other firm thanking Eve for the warning.

It wasn’t fair on Melody, but in the end, she did get a job at a PR firm. In fact, she got the job at the firm that she wanted to be at, and Eve appreciates her talents. At the end of the season, Eve even stood up for Melody, showing her trust and appreciation.

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