Flack Season 1 finale ending explained

Pictured (L-R): Anna Paquin, Arinzé Kene - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR
Pictured (L-R): Anna Paquin, Arinzé Kene - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR /

The Flack Season 1 finale brought plenty of drama and trouble. It’s time to break down the ending, with everything that went wrong for Robyn.

The series certainly showed us the dark side to celebrities. PR staff have a lot to take care of, including nip-tuck scandals and questionable pornographic material on laptops. While Robyn had her professional life in order, she definitely didn’t have her personal life in order.

Running up to the Flack Season 1 finale, she made a complete mess of her relationship with her sister by keeping a lie for her brother-in-law. Her sister could have possibly gotten over that if it wasn’t for events that happened in the finale.

Let’s breakdown all the mistakes made and how much went wrong for Robyn.

Robyn and her sister: Somethings are best kept a lie

We start with Robyn and Ruth. During the first season, Ruth’s husband shared that he’d been fired. Robyn kept it a lie but Ruth quickly learned the full truth.

She’d have likely got over the lie except that Robyn made things worse. After her brother-in-law tried to kiss her, Robyn initially kept is a secret but told the story of the time she slept with her sister’s boyfriend.

When Ruth made it clear she just wanted honesty, Robyn did what she thought was best. She told Ruth about Mark’s attempted kiss. It wasn’t the right time for that.

Is there a chance to two sisters will be able to make up in Flack Season 2? Let’s hope so!

Robyn and Eve: Don’t sleep with your best friend’s boyfriend

Eve is relatively cold-hearted, but it’s clearly a defense. Robyn should understand that.

And yet, Robyn made a huge mistake. She slept with Eve’s boyfriend, Tom. To make things worse, she got Tom to do some cocaine, breaking his three-year sobriety.

Eve walked in on Robyn and Tom just after it, but it was soon clear what had happened. Understandably, Eve was upset but tried not to show it.

Chances are Eve will brush it all off like nothing had happened, but she won’t trust Robyn again.

Robyn and Melody: Firing for her own good

The end of the Flack Season 1 finale saw Robyn give up her search for her boyfriend (more on that in a moment) to save Melody, who after taking some drugs had found herself in a questionable situation.

To protect Melody, Robyn chose to fire her. There’s no way Melody is right for the life of a PR executive.

It’s unlikely this firing will last. Eve will likely hire Melody as her intern.

Robyn and Sam: An ended relationship in the Flack Season 1 finale

Throughout Flack Season 1, Robyn and Sam were supposedly trying for a baby. However, Robyn was secretly taking birth control bills. That’s something Sam may have been able to get over if Robyn was honest about (a lot of) things, but there’s one thing that happened has prevented any chance of the two realistically getting back together.

Eve wasn’t the only one who caught Robyn and Tom together. Sam did too.

Robyn left to talk to Sam, but she was stopped by having to save Melody. By the time Robyn gets back to talk to Sam, it may be too late.

The only relationship Robyn didn’t destroy was the one with her boss Caroline, but mistakes at work have put her job at risk.

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What did you think of Flack Season 1? What stood out from the Flack Season 1 finale for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Flack Season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.