Flack Season 1 is coming to Amazon Prime Video tonight

Flack - Pictured: Anna Paquin as Robyn - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR
Flack - Pictured: Anna Paquin as Robyn - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR /

All six episodes of Flack Season 1 will be available to stream tonight

Flack Season 1 is finally heading to Amazon Prime Video. There are just a few hours left to wait.

You may have already seen all six episodes of the series and this is a rewatch. Or you may not have had access to PopTV when it aired on there and you’ve been waiting for it to come to streaming. Either way, you’re covered!

As now a global original, Flack Season 1 will be on Amazon Prime Video at midnight GMT. That means there’s a good chance of it coming to Amazon Prime Video in North America at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. There’s no guarantee of this, but it happens more than it doesn’t.

What to expect on Flack Season 1

The first season introduces the characters and the setting. Paquin stars as Robyn, an American working for a PR firm in London. Her job is to minimize the


challenges her firm’s clients create. The idea is to make the bigger stories look minimal to bring focus on some good publicity.

Of course, she would never judge. That’s not her thing. She just enjoys doing something she’s naturally good at: lying and drinking.

She’s capable of doing all this for her clients. It’s her own life that she can’t get in order. What happens when her personal life starts to bleed into her professional life?

There are currently two seasons of the series but only the first is arriving tonight. The second season will come to Amazon sometime this year. We may find out if the show will be renewed after PopTV unceremoniously and shockingly canceled it.

Check out the trailer for Flack Season 1 below:

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Flack Season 1 is on Amazon Prime Video tonight.