What time is Flack Season 2 coming to Amazon Prime Video?

Flack Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Flack Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Flack Season 2 finally arrives on Amazon Prime Video at the end of the week. What time can you start streaming the new season?

It’s been a long wait for Flack Season 2. For those who watched the first season on Pop TV, it’s been an extremely long wait. After renewing the series, Pop TV abruptly canceled it, leaving the episodes unaired in the United States. Fortunately, Amazon saved the show meaning the second season would get U.S. air time.

It’s time for that air time. After releasing the first season earlier this year, Amazon is finally bringing Season 2 to us at the end of the week.

I will say that this season has been worth the wait. I’ll bring more details about the season toward the end of the week when I’m allowed to, but after watching the screeners, I’m so excited for everyone to see it!

So, what time are you able to start streaming?

Flack Season 2 release time

While the season is an Original in the United States, it’s not a global Amazon Original Series. This affects the release time slightly.

Usually, the releases happen at midnight GMT for global Originals, which can mean earlier release times for us. However, a North American Original tends to be released at midnight ET. Sometimes, it can be released at midnight PT on the Friday it’s going to be released.

We’re looking at midnight ET on Friday, June 11 at the earliest for the majority of people. This is worth staying up for to watch the first few episodes. And it’s worth rewatching the first season to remember where Robyn and everyone were left.

There are six episodes to the season. All six episodes will drop at once.

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Flack Season 2 is coming to Amazon Prime Video on Friday, June 11.