When is Panic Season 2 coming to Amazon Prime Video?

Panic Season 1 -- Courtesy of Matt Lankes/Amazon Studios
Panic Season 1 -- Courtesy of Matt Lankes/Amazon Studios /

Panic was certainly worth the wait on Amazon Prime Video. Now all eyes are on the show’s future. When is Panic Season 2 coming to Amazon?

One of the shows we’ve been waiting a while for is Panic. Based on the book of the same name by Lauren Oliver, and with Oliver writing the series herself, there was no doubt that we were excited to see the story come to life.

Now that you’ve got to the end of the story, you may want more. That’s led to questions about whether Panic Season 2 will happen.

As of writing this, Season 2 hasn’t yet been confirmed. Amazon also hasn’t said if this is a limited series or not. That keeps the door open for more to the story. If that happens, when could we expect to see it arrive on Amazon Prime Video?

Panic Season 2 could arrive in 2022

If the show is renewed soon, that would allow the pre-production work to start. It usually takes 14 to 18 months for a new season to arrive, usually on the shorter side for the majority of shows that don’t require too many post-production effects.

We could see Panic Season 2 as early as the end of July 2022. If it’s on the later side, we’d be looking at the end of November 2022. Either way, there is a strong chance that the new season could arrive next year.

Of course, this will depend on filming needs. The good news is many productions are starting to return to some sort of normality. While filming is a little slower, there have been fewer issues with shutdowns due to the pandemic. As we get closer to the end of 2021, there’s a chance more can get back to normal.

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What did you think of Panic Season 1? What would you like to see in the second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Panic is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.