Panic ending explained: Who won the game?

Panic Season 1 -- Courtesy of Matt Lankes/Amazon Studios
Panic Season 1 -- Courtesy of Matt Lankes/Amazon Studios /

A group of graduating high school students took part in a dangerous game on Panic Season 1. Who won in the end, and what will happen next?

Throughout 10 episodes, we watched the group of high school students take on some dangerous challenges. To survive, they simply needed to make sure they didn’t panic. Sounds simple, right?

Not everyone wanted to get involved. Some got involved to prove to themselves that they weren’t scared. Others got involved for the prize money at the end. Heather was one of those who got involved for the money, but would she win the $50,000?

While all that happened, the police searched for clues to prevent the games from happening. After deaths during the previous year, they wanted to do everything they could to prevent more deaths. It turned out there was more going on, but would the sheriff get what he wanted?

Who won on the Panic Season 1 finale?

The end of the game came down to two players: Dodge and Ray.

However, it turned out that there was a lot more going on. Everyone figured out that the sheriff was rigging some of the game in a betting ring. Heather, Natalie, and some of the others convinced Dodge and Ray not to go through with the final dual.

It was set up to be a death sentence for Ray. However, Ray figured that out and moved the bomb planted on his car to Dodge’s car, knowing that the sheriff would drive it in the end. After all, the sheriff needed things to end just right for him financially.

Ray tied Dodge up and took him out to the boat. The two would remain there with the joust not happening. Little did they realize that Heather would take Ray’s car. The joust would happen.

Anne’s escaped tiger got in the middle of the joust, forcing Heather to emergency brake and the sheriff to run off the road. The bomb didn’t explode, though, not until the sheriff was away from the car. However, he wasn’t about to get out of this alive as his own wife ended up shooting him.

Did that mean Heather won? Did nobody win?

Technically, nobody won. It was supposed to be between Ray and Dodge, and neither of them showed up. Heather couldn’t win when she was already out of the game.

Heather gets the money in the end

While there was no winner that year, the money didn’t just disappear. Bishop made sure that Heather got the money that he felt she deserved.

By this point, Heather had decided not to go to college for accountancy. Anne encouraged her to follow her passion, and the money gave her a chance to do just that. Oh, and she got to enjoy a relationship with Ray Hall.

Of course, there are still a few questions left over and plenty of storylines available for Season 2, even if it picks up a year later with a new group of high school students. Panic isn’t gone yet.

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