Is Panic renewed for Season 2?

Panic Season 1 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Panic Season 1 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Panic has only just dropped on Amazon, but you’ve likely binged your way through it already. now you need to know if Panic Season 2 will happen.

Over the course of 10 episodes, we watched a group of high school students face their fears. Meanwhile, the cops searched for the group of teenagers to prevent the game from happening due to deaths the previous year.

It turned out there was a much bigger conspiracy going on. This was a series that offered plenty of twists and turns, and now all eyes are on whether a second season is going to happen.

Amazon hasn’t made a decision at the time of writing this. Let’s take a look at what we know so far to see if Panic Season 2 is going to happen.

Has Panic been renewed?

As of right now, the series hasn’t been canceled or renewed. This isn’t too surprising. Every now and then, Amazon will pick up a show for a new season ahead of a release. This has happened with big shows like The Boys and recently The Wheel of Time. However, the renewals for other shows tend to happen between a week and a month after the release of a season.

Will there be a Season 2 of Panic?

The series is one of those that could work as a limited series. It followed the book story by Lauren Oliver for the most part, and ended in a way that could work if the show isn’t renewed.

If the series is renewed, it’s going to need a new group of students. It’ll need a new game, with new mysteries surrounding the judges. The problem is that much of it could end up being the same as the first season, and it’s hard to see how some of the characters we came to know would be involed.

When does the new season of Panic start?

If the show is renewed, we’re not looking at it arriving on Amazon Prime Video until at least the end of May 2022. It actually usually takes between 14 and 18 months for a new season to arrive, even without a pandemic causing delays. So, July to November 2022 is more likely.

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Panic is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.