5 best TV shows on Amazon to watch in June 2021

Flack - Pictured (L-R) Rebecca Benson as Melody, Lydia Wilson as Eve - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR
Flack - Pictured (L-R) Rebecca Benson as Melody, Lydia Wilson as Eve - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR /

While there isn’t that much coming to Amazon Prime Video in June 2021, there is still some excellent content. Here are the top shows on Amazon to watch.

When we get the full list of new releases on Amazon, it can be overwhelming. Even during a month when there are very few releases, it can still be overwhelming to figure out what to watch.

That’s why we pick out the top five shows on Amazon—we’ll also have a post with the top five movies—so you can keep the choices to a minimum.

While there isn’t a lot arriving in June, there are some outstanding picks. It’s all about quality not quantity in June 2021.

5 must-watch shows on Amazon in June 2021

The Amazon Originals on this list are marked with the asterisks. The list is in release date order.

The L Word: Generation Q

If you watched The L Word, then you’ll want to check out the revival, Generation Q. The series airs on SHOWTIME, but the first season is available to stream for free through the Amazon Channels subscription during June 2021.

The series picks up 10 years after the initial story ended. The original group, along with some new faces, continue their journey in LA with the ups and downs of life.

Watch on June 1, 2021.

Work in Progress

There’s another SHOWTIME series with its first season available to stream for free during the month of June. Work in Progress follows 45-years-old Abby, who decides to look at her life in a new way. It’s time to re-evaluate everything after misfortune. What could this change lead to?

It’s not just a funny series. It’s one that will likely make you take another look at your life.

Watch on June 1, 2021.


If you’ve been waiting a while to see Britannia Season 2, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s finally coming to Amazon Prime Video. It’s one of the top shows on Amazon to check out this month.

Season 2 picked up with General Aulus Plautius continuing to Romanize the Celt tribes. Britannia is looking for anything to save them, leading to prophecies of a young girl called Cait being the one to protect them from the invaders.

Watch on June 4, 2021


It’s been a very long wait for Flack Season 2, and that’s not just on Amazon. We’ve waited a long time since it was announced and then just not released! Amazon Prime Video brought the first season earlier this year and we’ve wondered when we’d catch up with the rest of the story.

The seconds season picks up with Robyn making positive changes to her life. Will she have her friends back? What about her sister? That’s something for us to find out.

Watch on June 11, 2021


We can’t miss out on the final season of Bosch. Yes, the final season. The good news is that there’s a spin-off coming with Titus Welliver, but we’ll need to wait for that. Right now, the focus is on how the story is going to come to an end.

This is going to be the biggest case for Harry Bosch. There’s no way you’ll want to miss it.

Watch on June 25, 2021.

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Which TV shows on Amazon are you watching in June 2021? Let us know in the comments below.

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