What time is Panic coming to Amazon Prime Video?

Panic Season 1 -- Courtesy of Matt Lankes/Amazon Studios
Panic Season 1 -- Courtesy of Matt Lankes/Amazon Studios /

Panic Season 1 is coming to Amazon Prime Video at the end of the week. What time can you start streaming the YA drama series?

There isn’t much to watch on Amazon Prime Video this week, but there is an exciting new series to check out. Panic, based on the Lauren Oliver book of the same name, is heading to Amazon Prime Video on Friday, May 28.

Oliver has written the series, bringing her own novel to life. It focuses on a graduating class of high school seniors in small fictional town in Texas. Everyone wants to get out, but some of them know it’s not possible for them. That is if they don’t have the prize money from winning the game.

Nobody knows how the game started, but every year there are judges who will set up the games and lead the group through the games. They’ll drop clues for the players, making it harder for law enforcement to find them before the games come to an end.

None of the games are actually designed to kill people. However, there have been deaths, and the local police department wants to bring an end to the game before anyone else gets seriously hurt.

Panic Season 1 release time on Amazon Prime Video

So, what time can you start streaming the series? Panic is a global original, which means it’s available at midnight GMT on Friday, May 28.

This is excellent news for those in North America. Amazon works by time zone, and with the GMT drop, it usually means that shows are available around 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT the day before. That means you can probably start looking on Thursday, May 27.

It’s certainly worth looking as shows have dropped “early” in the past. All 10 episodes will drop at once, and this is definitely a show you’ll end up binge-watching.

If the episodes aren’t available right away, keep checking. The latest they’ll drop is midnight local, but I’ve never known it go down to the wire for a global original.

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Panic is coming to Amazon Prime Video by midnight local on Friday, May 28.