Panic’s official trailer leaves us thrilled to the core

Panic Season 1 -- Courtesy of Matt Lankes/Amazon Studios
Panic Season 1 -- Courtesy of Matt Lankes/Amazon Studios /

Amazon Prime Video has released the official trailer for its latest YA drama series, Panic. The trailer gets your blood pumping in anticipation of what will come next. This series will air on Amazon on May 28, along with an audio companion series voiced by some cast members.

The series is adapted from the best-selling novel by Lauren Oliver, who wrote the screenplay for the film. This allowed her the freedom to transform the storyline to fit a movie setting. Oliver is a popular YA author whose novel Before I Fall was made into a movie in 2017.

Each year, in a small Texas town, high seniors compete for the prize money in a dangerous life or death type competition. The previous year two of the competitors were killed during the games. This year the stakes are higher, and the prize money is $50,000, which is the most money ever.

Heather (Olivia Welch) has decided to join the games when her home life altered, forcing her to join the games to have the money for college. Her best friend Natalie (Jessica Sula) and a new guy Dodge (Mike Faist), a local psychopath Ray (Ray Nicholson), along with many other seniors from the town, are her competition for the prize.

Panic official trailer

The trailer gives us some introduction to the main cast as well as the premise of the competition. We find out that this year’s games will force the competitors to face their greatest fears. Sherrif Cortez (Enrique Murciano) and his force are trying to stop the games before others are killed.

That amazing song you can hear is a new Tones and I song titled “Not Going Home.”

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Amazon has set the release date for Panic on May 28 on Amazon Prime Video. You will be able to view the series on that date as well as listen to the accompanying audio series Panic: Ghosts and Legends on Audible.