11 Retro products you can still buy today on Amazon

Discover Bog Time Toys's Moon Shoes on Amazon.
Discover Bog Time Toys's Moon Shoes on Amazon. /

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Some of the best things to come out of the ’80s and ’90s are still with us today. From Lisa Frank stationary to Dunkaroos, we want to bring memory lane back into your view with 11 different products on Amazon that will help you relive your favorite childhood pastimes.

1. Ring Pop Variety Party Pack; $7

Discover Bazooka Candy Brands’s Ring Pops on Amazon
Discover Bazooka Candy Brands’s Ring Pops on Amazon /

It was always a good day if you got a Ring Pop in your lunchbox. These sugary gems were an instant status symbol on the playground, and they didn’t taste half bad, either. You can still get your fill of Ring Pops with this variety pack, which comes with 20 pops spread across six flavors that are all individually wrapped.

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2. Dunkaroos; $13

Discover AmazonUS/Ger1U's Dunkaroos on Amazon.
Discover AmazonUS/Ger1U’s Dunkaroos on Amazon. /

Dunkaroos fly in the face of every bit of nutritional advice we were ever given—but that didn’t stop this cookie-and-frosting combo from making a comeback in 2020. For now, vanilla is the only flavor that’s been relaunched, but the chocolate variety should be back sometime this summer.

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3. Jumanji; $22

Discover Rachel Lowe's Jumanji on Amazon.
Discover Rachel Lowe’s Jumanji on Amazon. /

Outside of President Harrison Ford punching his way through hordes of terrorists aboard Air Force One, watching Robin Williams and a young Kirsten Dunst try to deal with flash floods and wild monkeys in 1995’s Jumanji was the most adrenaline-packed movie moment of the 1990s. The board game was released the same year as the movie, so children could play it for themselves and hopefully not destroy a whole town in the process. The packing of the game is original, so it’s perfect for any weekend at home that you need some nostalgia to keep you going.

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4. Moon Shoes; $37

Discover Bog Time Toys's Moon Shoes on Amazon.
Discover Bog Time Toys’s Moon Shoes on Amazon. /

Since most kids didn’t have a trampoline in their backyard for liability reasons, the infamous Moon Shoes proved to be the next best thing. By acting like mini trampolines, the shoes helped kids bounce around town like they were in outer space. And lucky for you, they’re still around if you weren’t allowed to have them as a kid.

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5. Tamagotchi; $20

Discover Bandai America's Tamagotchi on Amazon.
Discover Bandai America’s Tamagotchi on Amazon. /

The true test to determine if you were a responsible kid or not was seeing how long you could keep your Tamagotchi alive. These digital pets were an immediate hit when they were released in the mid-’90s, and they’re still going strong. While some enhanced versions have come out recently, Bandai has also released retro models based on the originals from 25 years ago. (They also have Hello Kitty versions if that’s up your alley.)

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6. Neon D.A.R.E. Fanny Pack; $25

Discover Tipsy Elves's D.A.R.E. fanny pack on Amazon.
Discover Tipsy Elves’s D.A.R.E. fanny pack on Amazon. /

If you grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, you’ll no doubt remember the D.A.R.E. program that was meant to keep kids off drugs. And while its effectiveness is up for debate, you can mix irony and nostalgia by slapping the D.A.R.E. logo onto another ’90s trend: the fanny pack.

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7. Lisa Frank Sticker Super Pack; $15

Discover Lisa Frank stickers on Amazon.
Discover Lisa Frank stickers on Amazon. /

Thirty years ago, you couldn’t escape the colorful world of Lisa Frank. These psychedelic designs graced Trapper Keepers and folders in schools across the country, and chances are, any kid from that time could recite the names of all the brand’s characters by heart. Now, you can still decorate your work-from-home office with this pack of Lisa Frank stickers, markers, and stationary.

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8. Reel View-Master; $11

Discover Basic Fun's View-Master on Amazon.
Discover Basic Fun’s View-Master on Amazon. /

Before you could hop on Google or Instagram to see photos of exotic animals or the rainforest, you had to see them through a View-Master. This bright red camera-like toy cycled through images that made it possible to imagine you were amongst the jaguars and howler monkeys. It’s far from high-tech nowadays, but maybe that’s the point.

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9. Slap Bracelets; $9

Discover Giraffe Manufacturing's slap bracelets on Amazon.
Discover Giraffe Manufacturing’s slap bracelets on Amazon. /

One of the best auditory accessories you could have as a kid in the ’90s was a slap bracelet. Collecting, swapping, and showing off these bracelets was a schoolyard tradition, and there were cool patterns and bright colors to accompany every outfit. Now you can show them off to the younger generation and inspire their collections.

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10. Mr. Sketch Washable Scented Markers; $11

Discover Newell Rubbermaid Office's Mr. Sketch Markers on Amazon.
Discover Newell Rubbermaid Office’s Mr. Sketch Markers on Amazon. /

Mr. Sketch’s scented markers were an aromatic treat whenever it was time for art class back in grammar school. And if you still have pleasant olfactory memories of your favorite grape- or black licorice-scented markers, you can buy a pack of 14 today on Amazon.

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11. Tiger Electronics Transformers Robots in Disguise Generation 2; $9

Discover Hasbro's Tiger Electronics Transformers Robots in Disguise Generation 2 video game on Amazon.
Discover Hasbro’s Tiger Electronics Transformers Robots in Disguise Generation 2 video game on Amazon. /

These handheld games from Tiger were the perfect way to kill time during a long car trip. And while they’re no replacement for today’s Nintendo Switch, the simple LCD action titles can still eat up plenty of your downtime. Hasbro recently recreated this new batch of Tiger handhelds modeled on the originals, and in addition to Transformers, you’ll find games based on The Little Mermaid, Sonic the Hedgehog, and X-Men.

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