Is Flack Season 2 coming to Amazon in 2021?

Ep 101, Anna Paquin (Robyn), Sophie Okonedo (Caroline)- Cr. Pop PR
Ep 101, Anna Paquin (Robyn), Sophie Okonedo (Caroline)- Cr. Pop PR /

We’re all eagerly waiting for Flack Season 2 to come to Amazon Prime Video. Is it possible that the new season will arrive in 2021?

When Pop TV canceled Flack, we were all disappointed. Not only had it canceled the series, but it hadn’t even brought us the second season! That second season was filmed, but it never aired.

Fortunately, Amazon stepped in to offer a little bit of help. While Amazon hasn’t renewed Flack for a third season, it will bring Season 2 to the streaming…eventually.

The question is when that “eventually” is. We have the first season to binge-watch, but we’re still waiting for the second season. Is there a chance that Flack Season 2 will arrive on Amazon Prime Video sometime in 2021?

Flack Season 2 will likely arrive this year

There is a little bit of good news. There’s a good chance that Amazon will release the second season before the year is out. After all, it’s not like the streamer is waiting for episodes to film! That season is already in the can, including the post-production work. In fact, it’s already aired in the UK!

What’s Amazon waiting for? There’s a chance that it’s to space out original content. There isn’t much to bring right now because most shows had their production processes put on hold last summer. Many like The Boys and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel only just started filming earlier this year.

Amazon will want to make sure there’s some original content each month. Flack Season 2 is likely waiting for one of the quietest months. There’s a chance we’ll see it sometime between June and August with the way filming of Amazon shows is going right now.

We’ll be sure to keep an ear to the ground for all things Season 2.

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Flack Season 1 is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.