Flack Season 2 is not coming to Amazon in May 2021

"Flack" - Pictured: Anna Paquin - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR
"Flack" - Pictured: Anna Paquin - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR /

Flack Season 2 has already been filmed and is ready to go. So, when is it coming to Amazon Prime Video? It’s not coming in May 2021.

Amazon saved Flack after Pop TV canceled the show without even airing the second season. We’ve now had the first season arrive on Amazon, renewing the interest in the dramedy. Now all eyes are on when the second season will arrive.

This is one of those shows where the season is fully filmed. In fact, it’s already aired in the UK. While we know we will eventually get it over here, we just have no idea about when that will be. All we do know is that Flack Season 2 isn’t coming this month.

There are certainly plenty of questions after the way the first season ended. Robyn made a mess of all her relationships, and now it’s time to see if she can fix everything in the way she manages to for her clients.

When will Flack Season 2 come to Amazon Prime Video?

With the full season ready to go, it’s surprising that Flack Season 2 isn’t even available yet. It made sense to only bring one season at first. This would allow people who hadn’t heard about it on Pop TV to find out about the series. It would offer the chance to raise interest before bringing the season that nobody had seen yet.

So, what’s the wait now? This is potentially because Amazon is waiting for a very quiet month. Those months are coming this summer because Amazon shows are still only just starting filming. Having a show that’s ready to go for one of these months makes a lot of sense.

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Flack Season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned for more updates about Flack Season 2.