Absentia ending with Season 3, show not canceled

Absentia - Season 3 - Episode 302 - Block 1 Day 17 -- Courtesy of Elena Nenkova/Sony Pictures Television
Absentia - Season 3 - Episode 302 - Block 1 Day 17 -- Courtesy of Elena Nenkova/Sony Pictures Television /

It’s a sad day for all Absentia fans. There will be no Season 4, but this isn’t because of Amazon canceling the series. It’s ending on its own terms.

After almost 10 months of being in limbo, we finally get to know the official fate of Amazon’s Absentia. Sadly, it’s not good news.

According to TVLine, the series is ending with the third season, which came out back in July 2020. There will definitely be some disappointed fans (and I’m right there with you), but it’s worth noting that the show is ending on its own terms. This isn’t an unfair cancellation by Amazon, and I can write this happy that the show has got to tell the story it wanted to tell.

Stana Katic, who plays Emily Byrne on the series, broke the news to fans about the show ending. The series was always supposed to be a three-season story, but they had looked at a fourth season. Looking at potential storylines is probably why it’s taken so long to make the official announcement that Season 3 is the end.

Was Absentia Season 3 a good ending?

There are debates about this. Absentia Season 3 saw Emily separated from her ex-husband Nick and her son Flynn. Her and Nick’s involvement in an international case led to them and their son being targets, so Emily did the only thing she knew. She got the family to head somewhere she wouldn’t know to keep them safe.

Cal did catch up with Emily by the end, though. We found out that Emily was still working some sort of case undercover, leaving us to believe that she would always focus on work to keep the world safe.

In a way, she came full circle. She started the season coming back from the dead, so to speak, after going missing years earlier. She’d been taken from her family and had to find her way back to them. In the end, she let them go to protect them, making a selfless act that many mothers would struggle to do.

A good ending? That’s debatable, but it was an ending, at least.

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What do you think of Absentia ending with Season 3? What did you hope to see on Season 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Absentia is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.