Is Tell Me Your Secrets renewed for Season 2?

Tell Me Your Secrets -- Courtesy of Skip Bolen/Turner Entertainment Networks
Tell Me Your Secrets -- Courtesy of Skip Bolen/Turner Entertainment Networks /

Amazon tends to renew or cancel its shows quite quickly, but there are some that remain in limbo for a while. What about Tell Me Your Secrets?

When it comes to thrillers, Tell Me Your Secrets is one of those with a lot going on. It’s had some mixed reviews from the critics, but audiences are enjoying the Lily Rabe series so far.

The story focuses on Emma Hall, a woman in witness protection with repressed memories. She starts to look into the small town that she’s moved to, while also trying to remember the memories she’s pushed down.

Meanwhile, Mary Barlow hires a convicted rapist, John Tyler, as she tries to find her missing daughter. Of course, storylines eventually mix together with plenty of secrets being unveiled.

The story isn’t quite wrapped up in a neat bow. It’s clear that there is more to come, but will Amazon grant the show the time?

Has Tell Me Your Secrets been renewed?

So far, Amazon hasn’t canceled or renewed the series. The show dropped back in February 2021, so we’re at the point where Amazon is likely to make some sort of decision about it. That is unless it’s been quietly canceled and we never get to hear anything about it. The longer we go without news, the more likely it is that it’s canceled.

Is there going to be a Season 2 of Tell Me Your Secrets?

We can’t really say if there’s going to be a second season or not. Amazon will only renew it if there’s an audience, and we don’t get to see what the streaming figures are like.

However, it’s clear that the writers have more planned. Not only did the Tell Me Your Secrets Season 1 finale leave questions unanswered, but it also set up a potential storyline for Emma. Now it’s up to Amazon.

When will the new season of Tell Me Your Secrets start?

It usually takes about 14-18 months between seasons on Amazon Prime Video. Of course, that’s with a fairly quick renewal and without the pandemic causing filming delays and problems.

The earliest we’re looking at is April 2022 as a start date. However, it’s likely to be later since the show still hasn’t been renewed.

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Tell Me Your Secrets is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned for the latest news about Season 2.