Will Tell Me Your Secrets be renewed for Season 2?

Tell Me Your Secrets -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Tell Me Your Secrets -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Tell Me Your Secrets has finally dropped on Amazon Prime Video. Now you’ve watched the first season, you want to know if it will be renewed.

It has taken a long time for the thriller to reach our screens. The Tell Me Your Secrets pilot was ordered back in 2017 by TNT. It was originally titled Deadlier Than the Male and was then picked up to series about six months later.

Suddenly in June 2020, the show was scrapped. TNT decided not to air it, and it wouldn’t be until October 2020 that we’d learn Amazon had saved it. Now we finally get to see if it was worth the wait, and I think it was.

This smart and intriguing thriller has certainly left some storylines for the future. There are plenty of questions still, and that leads to many fans asking whether Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 will happen.

What are the chances of Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2?

A second season is tricky with how long it’s taken for the series to air somewhere. Some casting options may have expired by this point because of the delays, meaning that really Amazon picking up the series was just to make sure eyeballs would land on the 10-episode show with how much work had already gone into it.

However, there is still a chance Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 will happen. Amazon wouldn’t just pick up a show for a limited series unless that was intended from the beginning. And if it was intended from the beginning, we’d know that.

The benefit of picking up the first season the way it has is that Amazon hasn’t put as much financial risk into it. A second season would be like The Expanse Season 4—the first Amazon season of the show.

Amazon’s trailer made it clear that it’s “Season 1,” which is a good sign that there is hope. We just need enough people to watch it. We should hear about a second season within a couple of months at the most if it’s going to happen.

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What did you think of the first season? Was the show worth the wait? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Tell Me Your Secrets is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.