Is Absentia renewed for Season 4?

Absentia - Season 3 - Episode 301 - "Clean Slate" -- Courtesy of Elena Nenkova/Sony Pictures Television
Absentia - Season 3 - Episode 301 - "Clean Slate" -- Courtesy of Elena Nenkova/Sony Pictures Television /

If there’s one show we’re keeping a close eye on, it’s Absentia. What’s going on with the Stana Katic series? Is Season 4 happening?

The popular Amazon drama started out as a show about an FBI agent who returns after being declared dead. She had been held captive the whole time, but manages to escape years later and get back to her family. However, her family has moved on, and now she finds herself reclaiming the people she loves and her own identity.

At the same time, there is a string of murders and Emily Byrne ends up becoming the prime suspect. She has to prove her innocence, all the while figuring out how to get back into the way of normal life.

That’s just the first season. The last we left Emily, she’d walked away from her family in an effort to protect them, but it was clear her own story wasn’t over.

Has Absentia been renewed?

So far, Amazon has not canceled or renewed the series. In a way, the lack of cancellation is a good thing. However, it’s looking like it’s been quietly canceled.

Is there going to be a Season 4 of Absentia?

This is actually a trickier show to renew. The show was originally an AXN series with Amazon getting the U.S. rights. It’s one of those shows that doesn’t head to Amazon globally right away with various networks getting licensing agreements around the world. This can make it harder for renewals.

It doesn’t sound like there’s going to be a fourth season right now. Absentia Season 3 premiered in the U.S. on July 10, 2020. We haven’t had any word since then about the future of the show, and the entire cast and crew are remaining silent about it.

When does the new season of Absentia start?

This is impossible to answer right now, especially since there isn’t a renewal. Season 1 debuted in September 2017 on AXN before heading to Amazon. The second season premiered in March 2019, with the third season arriving on Amazon in the U.S. all at once on July 10, 2020.

There’s no pattern to the release date, and the show isn’t filming yet. The earliest we’d get this season is early to mid-2022.

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