Amazon renews Invincible for two more seasons

Invincible -- Courtesy of Amazon
Invincible -- Courtesy of Amazon /

Are you ready for more superheroes on your screen? For those who have adored Invincible, there’s some excellent news. Seasons 2 AND 3 are happening.

Invincible has brought us plenty of entertainment. The adult animated series is packed with meaningful storytelling, intriguing plotlines, and an excellent voice cast. And we can’t overlook the amazing art within the series.

The show has also reignited an interest in the 20-year comic books that the show is based on. It helps that Robert Kirkman, who was behind the comic books, is behind the TV series.

As we get to the final episode of the season, there’s no doubt that we want more. The great news is Amazon has heard us and Deadline confirms Invincible has been renewed.

Invincible Seasons 2 and 3 are officially confirmed

Amazon usually only renews a show for one season at a time. That’s not the case this time. Not only is Invincible Season 2 happening, but Invincible Season 3 is also confirmed. We’re certainly not complaining about this renewal news!

The first season told the story of Mark Grayson, just a regular teenage boy who happens to be the son of the world’s greatest superhero. As he develops his own powers, he has to learn to control them. He also learns a few family secrets, including the fact that his dad may not be the superhero he always thought he was.

The next two seasons will continue this story. We’ll get to see Mark make more decisions about his own life, as he figures out what type of superhero he wants to be.

There’s plenty of content in the source material. After all, it spanned 15 years, only coming to an end in February 2018.

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What do you hope to see on Invincible Seasons 2 and 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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