What to watch on Amazon this week: April 17–18, 2021

The Nevers -- Photograph by Keith Bernstein/HBO
The Nevers -- Photograph by Keith Bernstein/HBO /

Things are on the quiet side when it comes to shows and movies to watch on Amazon this weekend. Here’s a selection of titles to check out.

This weekend is extremely quiet when it comes to new content on Amazon Prime Video. In fact, there’s nothing new on Saturday or Sunday. The good news is there was plenty of content that dropped throughout the week to check out.

One of those is one of the three Amazon Originals arriving in April. Frank of Ireland dropped in full on Friday, April 16, so the weekend is an excellent time to binge-watch it.

You can also check out a new episode of Invincible, and there’s time to watch a few of the movies from during the week.

What to watch on Amazon Channels this weekend?

It’s all about Amazon Channels for more content to watch. There are TV shows coming throughout the weekend.

STARZ is the place to turn to for something new. Confronting a Serial Killer Episode 1 is available on Sunday, April 18. The series follows Jillian Lauren, a journalist and author who uncovers dark secrets about Sam Little. She helps law enforcement to uncover details about several cold cases, but she needs to identify Little’s victims.

Episode 5 of The Gloaming also airs on STARZ on Sunday, April 18.

Over on HBO, you can watch the second episode of The Nevers on Sunday, April 18. It has a lot of Joss Whedon tropes and there’s a lot that will remind you of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I’m there for Laura Donnelly all the way.

Sunday will also see the premiere of Mare of Easttown. It’s a limited series about a detective in Pennsylvania who has to investigate a mysterious murder while trying to prevent her whole life from falling apart.

Need a movie for Saturday night? You’ll have already seen it but HBO brings The Dark Knight Rises for a night in.

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What will you watch on Amazon this weekend? Share your top picks in the comments below.

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