Frank of Ireland is coming to Amazon Prime Video tonight

Frank of Ireland -- Courtesy of Pat Redmond/Merman Productions
Frank of Ireland -- Courtesy of Pat Redmond/Merman Productions /

Ready for a comedy where you don’t really want to root for the lead but can’t help yourself? It’s time for Frank of Ireland on Amazon Prime Video tonight.

Let’s start with the time that this Amazon Original will arrive. While it is an Amazon Original, it’s not going to be available globally. The series is only coming to North America and other select locations.

Global originals drop at midnight GMT. When it comes to specific territories and countries, the release can be midnight locally. The good news is that you can start streaming Frank of Ireland at midnight local on Friday, April 16.

What is Frank of Ireland about?

The series follows 32-year-old Frank, a man who still lives with his mom and has no future prospects. It’s not that he doesn’t want them. It’s the problem with being a fantasist, who is sure that the world owes him everything.

When his mom kicks him out, Frank needs to figure out how to survive the world around him. Where will he sleep? What will he do for money? Reality is about to hit.

Unlike most comedies, Frank of Ireland doesn’t have a likable protagonist, which makes this interesting. Can you root for a guy when you really just want to watch him fail over and over again? Okay, maybe when he actually wants to change his life it’s possible.

If you’re in need of a lighthearted comedy this weekend, you’ll definitely want to check out Frank of Ireland. It does have mixed reviews, but that’s comedy for you, isn’t it? I think if you enjoyed the likes of Finding Joy and Derry Girls, you’ll find something to love about Frank of Ireland.

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Frank of Ireland is streaming on Amazon Prime Video by midnight local on Friday, April 16.