Is Jack Ryan Season 3 coming in 2021?

Jack Ryan -- Photo credit: Jennifer Clasen/Amazon Studios
Jack Ryan -- Photo credit: Jennifer Clasen/Amazon Studios /

It’s been about 18 months since we got to see Jack Ryan in action. We know Jack Ryan Season 3 is happening but is it coming in 2021?

The good news is that Jack Ryan Season 3 is happening. The show was picked up shortly after the first season came out. The show already had a second season at that point and it was so successful on Amazon Prime Video that Amazon decided to order another season.

It should have allowed for a shorter window between seasons. Of course, nobody expected a pandemic to happen.

While Jack Ryan Season 3 is officially happening, there’s no word on when the release date will be. We’re holding out a little hope that it will be in 2021.

Could Jack Ryan Season 3 arrive in 2021?

The show has kept a lot quiet, including when it started filming. According to Comic Book Resources, the series may have started filming again at the end of 2020 or the start of 2021.

This suggests that a 2021 premiere date is possible but unlikely.

It takes about eight to nine months to film a season of a TV show, and then there is the post-production work. A show like this will have a lot of graphics, and they take time to do right. That could push the release date for Jack Ryan Season 3 into 2022.

We are keeping an eye out for the release date. We’re also keeping an eye out for anything related to the series.

Could Jack Ryan appear in Without Remorse?

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse is on Amazon Prime Video on April 30. It stars Michael B. Jordan as John Clark, and the book the movie is based on is from the Jack Ryan world. This could mean that Jack Ryan could pop up in Without Remorse, or at least be mentioned in some way.

It’s wishful thinking. While the two universes are technically the same one, there’s been no official confirmation that they are.

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Jack Ryan Seasons 1 and 2 are on Amazon Prime Video right now.