Them Season 1 finale ending explained: What happened to the Emory family?

Them -- Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Them -- Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Them took us on a dark, twisted, and triggering ride into 1950s America. Let’s take a look at the Them Season 1 finale ending.

Up to the last episode, things went from bad to worse for the Emory family. Lucky found herself in a mental institution with a threatened lobotomy, Henry and his daughters were attacked by some of the men from the street with Henry being lynched, and the entire neighborhood decided the Emorys had done something to Betty.

The supernatural forces within the house were strong. It would take something stronger to fight back, and Lucky was that someone stronger.

She managed to overpower her demon, the Black Hat Man. How did she do it? It was about accepting the loss of her son. While she would love him back in her arms, she’s said goodbye to him. Now there’s nothing for the Black Hat Man to control. Instead, Lucky forced him back to his fear.

Lucky saves her family on Them Season 1 finale

After defeating her demon, Lucky needed to help the rest of the family defeat theirs. She started with Gracie and Miss Vera. In fact, Gracie also helped with this by tearing the picture of Miss Vera up.

Ruby was next, as she was visited by the zombie cheerleader who transformed into her mother. At this point, Ruby does’t want to be Black and she doesn’t want to be like her mother. Lucky manages to get through to her daughter, although there is now a cut that may scar on her face.

Finally, it’s all about saving Henry. Lucky manages to do that. It’s time to get the whole family out of the house.

Fortunately, Lucky had managed to set off a ring of fire around the house when she walked into it. Well, it looked like it could have been her. Maybe it was the supernatural within the house that wanted time to destroy the whole Emory family.

When they get outside, the whole neighborhood and two cops with guns trained on them are waiting. And that’s where we leave the Emory family. Do they get out of the Them Season 1 finale alive?

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