What happened to Betty on Them Season 1?

Them -- Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Them -- Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Betty was the ringleader when it came to the hatred against the Emorys. What happened to her by the end of Amazon’s Them Season 1?

We shouldn’t really care about what happened to the racist ringleader. Not really. However, more often than not, we want to know if the bad character got their just desserts.

By the end of Them Season 1, Betty went missing. The entire neighborhood was sure that it had something to do with the Emory family. Well, of course, the neighborhood just had to turn another finger on the only Black family in the neighborhood. They had nothing to do with Betty’s disappearance.

In fact, at first Betty didn’t even disappear. She drove off to get a favor from George. That’s when it started.

How did Betty’s story end on Them Season 1?

Initially, it looked like George was going to do the favor Betty asked. It looked like he was going to kill the Emory family.

However, he had other plans. With Betty at his house, he was able to drug her and trap her in an underground bunker. She’d have everything she needed. Except freedom of course.

She did manage to convince George to let her come up to the house. They could live comfortably there. However, she then tried (and failed) to kill him. In the end, he chose to keep the bunker door unlocked, giving Betty the choice to stay with him or not.

Of course, Betty opted to leave. She needed to get back to her life.

George wasn’t having any of that. He shot and killed her from the house. Them Season 1 ended with Betty being killed and nobody at all even suspecting George of a thing. The neighborhood continues to put the blame on the Emory family.

While Them Season 2 is happening, the show is supposed to be an anthology horror. We probably don’t get to find out if Betty’s body was found and George arrested.

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Them Season 1 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.