Who is Katia Winter playing on The Boys Season 3?

Katia Winter has a recurring role on The Boys Season 3. Who will she play, and is the character from the graphic novel series?

We start with the great news. Blood & Treasure actress Katia Winter has landed a recurring role on The Boys Season 3, according to Deadline. At the moment, that’s all we get to know.

The publication reports that Winter will play Little Nina, a character who is most definitely from the graphic novels. And yes, we have to make that stipulation. There have been the odd character in the series not from the comics, while others from the graphic novels have had a gender swap.

Who is Little Nina on The Boys Season 3?

Little Nina is an important character from the graphic novels. Spoiler: She dies in the graphic novels. That doesn’t mean the character’s ending will be the same in the series, but it is one of the more shocking deaths from the comics.

Not all the graphic and shocking storylines from the graphic novels have been included in the series. Starlight’s storyline involving sexual assault involved three of The Seven in the graphic novels but only included The Deep on the series.

In the comics, Little Nina is a short Russian mob boss with a love for sex toys due to her lack of trust in men. She is actually involved in a head-exploding storyline in the graphic novels. She uses a lesser-form of Compound V to make Supes, but they all end up with their heads exploding.

This role hasn’t officially been confirmed. However, it’s going to be fun to see how The Boys Season 3 will include Little Nina considering Victoria Neuman was the one exploding heads in the TV series.

What do you hope to see from Little Nina’s storyline on The Boys Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Boys Season 3 is currently filming. Watch the first two seasons on Amazon Prime Video now.