5 must-watch movies on Amazon this weekend: Sound of Metal and more

The Sound of Metal. Image courtesy Amazon Prime Video
The Sound of Metal. Image courtesy Amazon Prime Video /

It’s the last weekend of March, and that means time to catch up on titles you’ve missed on Amazon Prime Video. Here are 5 good movies on Amazon this weekend.

There have been some excellent movies on Amazon throughout March. This is a good time to look back at the releases to see what you’ve missed out on so far.

At the same time, there have been some excellent Amazon movies nominated for Oscars. You’ll want to spend the weekend checking some of them out to see why they got the nods they deserved.

Cut out the overwhelm of what to watch this weekend. Here are the five top picks when it comes to movies on Amazon.

5 best movies on Amazon for the weekend: March 27–28

Sound of Metal

The first of the movies to check out is the one that gained the most Oscar nominations. One of those was for Riz Ahmed, who becomes the first Muslim to be nominated for Best Actor in Oscar history.

Sound of Metal is a powerful story about a heavy metal drummer who starts to lose his hearing. As he fears what’s next for him, he’s tempted to turn back to drugs. Fortunately, his girlfriend is by his side and finds a rehab that specializes in the hearing impaired to help him get his life on track.


Another Oscar-nominated movie to check out is a documentary. Time focuses on Fox Rich, who spent years fighting to get her husband out of prison. Yes, he committed a crime, but the sentence didn’t match the crime. As he was locked inside, she would raise their family alone.

The documentary uses home videos and new footage to tell the story. I’ll leave you to see the documentary to see if Fox succeeded.

One Night in Miami

The third movie on the list that gained Oscar nominations is One Night in Miami. It’s a fictionalized story of four of the leaders in change and civil rights across America. What if they all met in a hotel room in 1964? What would they have talked about?

This is a movie with topics that still resonate today. It’s a must-watch this weekend.

Back to the Future

Looking for something a little light-hearted? We turn to the start of the month for movies on Amazon. Back to the Future is something for the entire family to check out. And there are three movies, so you’re actually getting eight movies for the price of five this weekend.

The movie starts with Marty McFly finding himself in 1955, where his mom starts to flirt with him and he has to get a message to Doc Brown to prevent the guy from getting killed 30 years later. Can he get back to the future before his time runs out?

The Terminal

Another good option for those who want something on the comedic side is The Terminal starring Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Hanks plays a man who travels to American from a war-torn country looking for refugee status. However, he can’t prove his identity or his country’s status.

If he leaves the terminal, he will be arrested. So, he has to make the most of life inside the airport for the time being.

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Which movies on Amazon are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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