Can you watch Sound of Metal on Amazon Prime Video?

SOUND OF METALCourtesy of Amazon Studios
SOUND OF METALCourtesy of Amazon Studios /

Sound of Metal has been nominated for six Oscars in 2021, with Riz Ahmed making history. Is it possible to watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video?

After finding out which movies are nominated for Oscars, you may realize that more came out in 2020-2021 than you initially thought. Sound of Metal is one of those movies that may have gone under the radar simply due to it not getting quite the promotional push as the likes of Judas and the Black Messiah and Wonder Woman 1984.

If you missed out when it first came out, you’ll now want to watch it. That leads to wondering where you can even stream the movie. With all the streaming services out there, it must have come to one of them, right?

Is Sound of Metal on Amazon Prime Video? You’re in a lot of luck.

Sound of Metal is an Amazon Original Movie

Sound of Metal is on Amazon Prime Video. The better news is that the movie isn’t going anywhere.

Amazon acquired the distribution rights. It’s an Amazon Original Movie that you can watch whenever you want. It’s worth checking out right now, and you’ll see why it deserved the six Oscar nominations that it got.

What is Sound of Metal about?

The movie is one about finding yourself as life changes. A heavy metal drummer realizes that everything in his life is about to change as he suffers from hearing loss. Without his place in his band, he’s not sure what there is left in life for him.

This worries his girlfriend. Ruben a recovering drug addict and she’s worried that he’ll turn back to drugs. Rather than turn her back on him, she helps him find a rehab center that focuses on the hearing impaired. Ruben realizes that there is more in life for him; he just needs to figure out how to adapt his life.

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Sound of Metal is available to stream with a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime Video.