When will The Expanse Season 6 come to Amazon Prime Video?

Photo: The Expanse: Season 4.. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios
Photo: The Expanse: Season 4.. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios /

The Expanse Season 6 is coming to Amazon Prime Video, but the big question is when. How long will we need to wait for the final season?

It is bittersweet that the sixth season will be the last. After all, there are more books in the story, so why can’t the series continue?

While cost of production could come into play, it’s more likely the fact that the seventh book jumps 30 years into the future, and there’s no way around that time jump. So, it makes more sense to bring the show to an end now and let fans enjoy the story in the written format from this point.

Of course, there’s always a chance to revisit the series in a few years. Or maybe there’s a chance for a few movies. But for now, The Expanse Season 6 is going to be the last, and it’s going to be exciting to see how the story goes, especially with some of the changes that have had to happen due to casting.

When is The Expanse Season 6 coming to Amazon Prime Video?

It’s going to be a while before the season arrives. It hasn’t started filming yet, which will take about a year, especially when you throw in post-production. There’s also pre-production to consider, including some set building, costume fittings, etc.

We could possibly see The Expanse Season 6 arrive at the end of 2021, but it will be tight with the new COVID protocols. We’re probably looking at 2022 instead. If we get it earlier, I’ll be happy about that.

Will it be a weekly release? Possibly. It depends on the results from the fifth season as to whether it’s worth releasing the episodes week by week. The aftershow has certainly been a fun addition breaking down those cliffhangers. And for those who really only just want a binge-watch, you can always wait for the season finale—just don’t complain about spoilers!

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The Expanse is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.