5 big takeaways from the American Gods Season 3, Episode 3 promo and synopsis

American Gods Season 3 -- Courtesy of STARZ
American Gods Season 3 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

American Gods Season 3, Episode 3 will quickly pick up on the missing child

At the end of American Gods Season 3, Episode 2, Shadow learned a child had gone missing. Now it’s time to find her.

Those who have read the books likely know what’s going on with this storyline. There have been a few clues as to Alison’s whereabouts in Episode 2. Will the promo help us figure something out?

It’s time to break down the promo and synopsis for American Gods Season 3, Episode 3. This will give us a look at what’s to come in the episode. If you find promos and synopses spoilery, then it’s worth being cautious moving further into this post.

Let’s take a look at both the promo and synopsis first:

"As the search for the missing girl continues, Shadow dreams of Bilquis; Wednesday discovers the whereabouts of his old love, the Greek goddess Demeter, and resolves to free her."

Shadow will help find Alison

We start with the beginning of the trailer, which picks up off the back of the previous episode. Alison has gone missing and everyone in the town is looking for her. Now that Shadow’s name is cleared, he’s going to help with the search.

They find a few things in the snow. Will all hope be lost and just how much will the show follow the book with this storyline?

Shadow is struggling with dreams of Bilquis

Shadow has been revisiting the past during the previous two episodes. Now it looks like a Goddess is going to arrive in his dreams, and not in a good way.

Bilquis gets through to Shadow in his dreams. He’s going in search for her. He just can’t stay in Lakeside, can he?

Blythe Danner makes her goddessly appearance

We’ve been excited to see Blythe Danner appearing in American Gods Season 3. Now we get that moment. She appears in the promo for the episode.

In the synopsis, we learn Wednesday is looking for his old love, the Greek goddess Demeter. He needs to free her, but does she want his help?

Laura Moon is trapped somewhere

Demeter isn’t the only one trapped. Laura Moon, who ripped out the lucky coin and turned to dust in the American Gods Season 3 premiere, will appear in the upcoming episode. She’s trapped somewhere, possibly in a form of hell.

What will she need to do to get back to Earth? When she does, can she get Mad Sweeney back?

Bilquis could be in trouble

So, where is Bilquis? The last we saw of her, she threw up after absorbing a man. Now Shadow gets to where she’s staying with her apartment thrown upside down. It looks like a fight.

Has Ms. World turned up? What about Technical Boy? Will this connect back to whatever Bilquis did to Technical Boy on the American Gods Season 3 premiere?

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What are you excited to see on American Gods Season 3, Episode 3? Share in the comments below.

American Gods Season 3, Episode 3 airs on Sunday, Jan. 24 on STARZ and on Monday, Jan. 25 on Amazon Prime Video internationally.