What happened to Alison on American Gods Season 3, Episode 2?

American Gods season 3 episode 2 / STARZ Entertainment, LLC
American Gods season 3 episode 2 / STARZ Entertainment, LLC /

What’s happened to Lakeside’s latest missing individual on American Gods?

Caution: There are spoilers from American Gods Season 3, Episode 2 in this post.

American Gods Season 3 sees Shadow get to know more about the town of Lakeside. It’s clear there is a dark underbelly linked to sacrifices to gods, and it makes us wonder whether that has something to do with a particular, now-missing character.

At the end of American Gods Season 3, Episode 2, Shadow gets back from Chicago to a chilly welcome in Lakeside. Alison has gone missing, suspiciously at around the time Shadow left Lakeside. Chad naturally wants to run through everything Shadow did, which included hitting the deer on one of the highways.

That is if he did actually hit a deer. It was dark. Could it have been Alison instead?

He later learns that his story checks out. It seems it was a deer. So, now the question remains: what happened to Alison?

Can we look at the novel?

Since American Gods is based on the book of the same name, it’s understandable that you’ll turn your attention there for clues.

The first person Shadow meets is a man named Hinzelmann, who is just as friendly as Ann-Marie is on the show. Hinzelmann tells Shadow all about the town, the traditions, and later, the truth about the klunker on the ice. I won’t spoil that storyline.

Ann-Marie is the one to introduce Shadow to the town and tell him all about the history. There are certainly some clues to what’s going on with mentions of the nordic heritage. If you’ve watched enough Supernatural, you’ll know that little towns like this that have some sort of pagan heritage tend to still practice the traditions.

Could the two characters’ storylines continue to be the same? If so, it means we definitely can’t trust Ann-Marie. And she may or may not have something to do with Alison.

What’s going on in Lakeside on American Gods?

We’ll try to keep this spoiler-free for those who haven’t read the book.

Remember that the nordic heritage is a clue. We also got a look at things that happened in the town in the past. Children were sacrificed to the gods.

It wouldn’t be surprising if something like that continued. Ann-Marie even mentions that the first citizen, Lester Hamilton, just asked for the town to continue some traditions. That would be the child sacrifices then?

Does it have to be child sacrifices? Is it possible that the show has adapted it for anyone to be sacrificed? Was Alison on the list? Was she the girl at the start of the episode who was killed by the two men?

It’s clear this is going to come up at some point. Keep an eye out on American Gods Season 3.

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What do you think happened to Alison? How will the sacrifices come up on the series? Share your theories in the comments below.

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