Has Marco made the fatal flaw that all villains make on The Expanse Season 5?

The Expanse Season 5 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Expanse Season 5 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Marco did the one thing on The Expanse that all villains need to stop doing

Let’s talk Marco on The Expanse Season 5, Episode 7. If you haven’t seen the episode, there are major spoilers in this post. This is your only warning!

Marco has big plans. Throughout the first seven episodes, we’ve watched him join the Belt together. And those who don’t want to join him die. There is no in-between. And as Camina’s crew mentions, those who don’t join him will be killed by the Inners anyway.

He’s created terror in the unity, but he has created unity. It’s more likely for him than the actual Belt, and his latest mistake arguably proves that.

Marco is so sure that he’s going to win that he’s committed the fatal mistake that all villains do. This isn’t just about villains on The Expanse (in fact, the show has had some excellent villains) but about villains everywhere.

Marco told Naomi his latest plan

During the episode, Filip allowed Marco to borrow his ship. It’s not exactly borrowing, though. You see, Marco isn’t going to give the ship back. Well, he could, but it will be in pieces.

Marco is using the ship Naomi gave Filip to take out the Roci. It’s all a trap.

But rather than leave that a secret, Marco told Naomi everything. Of course, he believes that Naomi can’t get to Holden to tell him the truth. Everyone on Marco’s ship is on Marco’s side. Cyn isn’t happy about it, but he has no choice.

Marco didn’t just want to boast about his plan to lure in the Roci to blow it up. He wanted to hurt Naomi even more than he already has. She’s left on his ship with no way of warning her boyfriend. There’s no way she can save her family or her home. Marco knows that knowing this would eat at Naomi.

But this is where the flaw comes in. You see, Naomi is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her family. That involves her actions at the very end.

Had Marco not said anything, Naomi wouldn’t have jumped out of the airlock. She wouldn’t have made her way to her ship in the hope of getting rid of whatever Marco has done to it. And Cyn wouldn’t have died in the process.

Because Marco’s narcissistic personality and need to hurt her led to him telling her all about the plan, Naomi can now stop it.

Fortunately for Marco, he didn’t tell her more than that. However, it’s enough for now to put a spanner in Marco’s works.

It’s probably time for villains to stop telling everyone their plans. But then where would the drama be in that?

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What did you think of Marco’s decision to tell Naomi everything? What can Naomi do now she’s free from Marco? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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