The Expanse Season 5, Episode 7 recap: Naomi takes another risk

The Expanse Season 5 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Expanse Season 5 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Naomi has no choice but to take another risk on The Expanse Season 5, Episode 7

We spent most of The Expanse Season 5, Episode 7 with Naomi on Marco’s ship, but we did get some time with Holden and his makeshift crew. Here’s a look at everything that happened on the episode.

There were multiple stories we didn’t get a lot of time to spend on. We didn’t go back to Earth to see where Amos is now and we didn’t get to see what Camina would do with the information she has. However, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of action.

Let’s breakdown the events from The Expanse Season 5, Episode 7.

Cyn is honest with Naomi

Naomi remains a prisoner at the start of the episode, but that’s not the way it remains. Marco will do what he can to turn Filip against Naomi, while Naomi does what she can to turn Filip against Marco.

As much as we want Filip to choose Naomi in the end, this probably isn’t the best way to do things. After all, Filip has spent his whole life with Marco and the lies he would have told. Even the sweet heart-to-heart that Naomi and Filip have isn’t enough to help him see through his father’s lies.

However, the story does offer us a hint of things to come. She tells Filip that she considered killing herself when she couldn’t find him on Pallas. In the end, she realized that either way Filip would grow up without her so she would go on and try to do some good instead.

Cyn later admits that he saw a look in Naomi’s eyes before she went to the airlock and he followed her. He did eventually see her change her mind, but he had to admit something else. He knew where Marco had hidden Filip. Cyn was the reason Naomi could never find him.

It hurts to know that her friend betrayed her, but he wants to make it up to her. However, he doesn’t once stand up against Marco or Filip when Marco shares his plan—when will villains learn not to share their whole plan before it’s happened?

Naomi does what she can to save the Roci on The Expanse Season 5, Episode 7

Marco says that he’s rigged the ship Naomi gave Filip. It will lure the Roci in and then blow the Roci to smithereens. Filip is more than happy to do this, especially after the conversation he had with his father about constantly failing. Filip wants to be known as the one who destroyed the Roci.

Naomi won’t let that happen. She steps into an airlock, which Cyn sees.

Cyn rushes to the airlock before the doors shut. Filip also gets there, but only in time to watch the airlock doors shut with Cyn and Naomi inside.

Cyn wants to stop Naomi from killing herself, but a vial of oxygenated blood makes it clear that’s not her plan. She wishes he never came to the airlock with her. She isn’t going to not go through with her own plan.

She opens the door to the airlock and pushes herself to her own ship, which is now disconnected from Marco’s ship. Cyn dies at the door and Naomi floats into space. Filip just watches, believing that Naomi has killed herself and taken Cyn with her by mistake.

Naomi floats toward her ship, using the oxygenated blood when she needs to. She has just enough time to open the door to her ship and get inside, but will the doors to the ship close in enough time to save her life?

Holden finds the Zmeya

Throughout The Expanse Season 5, Episode 7, we follow Holden on the path in search for the Zmeya. The ship is running dark, but at least they have the flight path. Holden is worried that the Zmeya will have stopped off and passed on the protomolecule to another ship, but Monica says she has some sources who will tell her if that happens.

Holden also gets a message from Alex. It’s the first communication Holden has received, and there isn’t much of a transmission delay. That means Alex is close by, but Holden knows that Alex was supposed to be on Mars. What is going on?

That’s all for the next episode, though. For now, Holden has another problem and he still wants to figure out where Marco’s ship is to get Naomi back—although the others aren’t interested in doing that. They don’t view the Roci crew as family, though. This isn’t just because Naomi is Holden’s girlfriend but that she’s his Roci family. He’d do this for Amos and Alex, too.

When they finally get their eyes on the Zmeya thanks to a transmission ping, they take out its core and tell it to shut down its reactor drive. Holden will board the ship to get the protomolecule back.

The Zmeya has another plan. Instead of listening to orders, the ship blows up.

I guess we’ll have to wait a week to find out what’s going on with these two storylines.

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What did you think of Naomi’s plan? Why would the Zmeya crew blow themselves up? Where is the protomolecule? Share your theories in the comments below.

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