The Croods: A New Age on DVD in February: How to pre-order

The Croods: A New Age. Image courtesy Universal Pictures
The Croods: A New Age. Image courtesy Universal Pictures /

Here’s everything you need to pre-order The Croods: A New Age on DVD

The Croods: A New Age is the animated sequel many have been waiting years for—although not as long as The Incredibles 2! You’ll be able to own the prehistoric-set movie on DVD in February 2021, and here’s all you need to get it pre-ordered now.

The official release date is Feb. 23, 2021. You can pre-order The Croods: A New Age on DVD and Blu-ray on Amazon right now. With the pre-order, you’ll grab it with Amazon Price Guarantee, so you pay whatever the lowest amount is up to the release date.

While the movie is available to rent on Digital right now, it will also be available to buy on Digital soon. The exact date isn’t known, but it is likely on the same day or maybe a week before the DVD release date.

What is The Croods: A New Age about?

The Croods 2 is a follow-up from the original movie that focused on a family called The Croods. They’re the last cave family left in their area, with the sole purpose of surviving.

The journey in the first movie saw them have to leave their home and put their trust in Guy to make sure they remained alive. Now the second movie sees them in their new home, learning new things about people and their world.

This time, there’s a little more focus on Guy. The Croods meet the Bettermens, a cave family in their new area. The Bettermens were also family friends of Guy’s family, and Guy knows the daughter of the family. In fact, they’re very much alike.

Will this put pressure on Guy and Eep? How will Grug deal with a family that is a couple of steps up the evolution ladder than his family? It’s a lot of fun for families.

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Pre-order The Croods: A New Age now.