Will The Croods 2 come to Amazon Prime Video in the future?

The Croods: A New Age. Image courtesy Universal Pictures
The Croods: A New Age. Image courtesy Universal Pictures /

Where will The Croods 2 stream online?

The Croods 2 is currently doing relatively well in theaters despite the pandemic. It’s a great movie for the kids, especially those who loved the first movie about the prehistoric family.

If you’re not heading out to theaters yet, you’ll want to know when and where you can watch The Croods 2 online. Where will it stream in the future? Will it be Amazon Prime Video?

We don’t have an exact release, but it’s possible to make an educated guess based on the distribution studio.

The Croods 2 is distributed by Universal Pictures in the USA. This suggests that it won’t head to Amazon Prime Video in the future.

Where to stream The Croods: A New Age

The second movie, which has been through a series of delays already and had us worried for a long time that it wouldn’t happen, could go to one of two streaming sites. It’s either going to be HBO Max or Peacock.

As a DreamWorks movie, it is owned by Universal, which is in turn owned by NBCUniversal. This could mean Peacock has the rights to stream the movie first. And it would make a lot of sense. Peacock offers both a free and premium service, allowing for movies like this to go for family and make money at the same time.

However, a lot of Universal Pictures movies head to HBO, which is slowly being merged with HBO Max. It’s possible that the animated sequel will head there, instead. If it does come to HBO, you can still grab a subscription through Amazon Channels.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this for confirmation. You’ll want to make sure you have both ready, as the movie is set to come to PVOD on Dec. 25.

Check out the trailer for The Croods 2:

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The Croods 2 is currently in theaters and will head to streaming on Christmas Day 2020.