Herself is on Amazon Prime Video tonight

Herself -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Herself -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Herself is the inspirational movie on Amazon Prime Video you need right now

When it comes to inspirational movies, Amazon Prime Video has you covered throughout January 2021. The first to check out is Herself, coming to Amazon Prime Video tonight.

You can start streaming from midnight GMT on Friday, Jan. 8. There is some good news for those in North America. Due to timezones, there’s a chance that the movie will drop at around 7 p.m. ET on Thursday, Jan. 7.

If this is the movie you’ve been waiting to see, take a look at your Prime around that time. Go into the title to see if it’s released since it’s not something Amazon widely promotes, even though it’s not the best-kept secret.

What is Herself about?

The Amazon Original movie is one inspirational tale. After getting out of an abusive relationship, a woman just wants to do what is right for her children. That means finding them a home. Since she is struggling to rent and buy, she decides to build their own home. All they need is a plot of land.

With a little help from people who understand the goodness in her heart, she manages to achieve her goal. Well, that is until the council and her abusive ex get in the way.

Now she will have to prove that she can provide for her children. There’s a poignant moment in the trailer where she’s fed up of people asking her how she could stay with an abusive man. How about it’s time the blame is put where it belongs—on the man who did the abuse?

This is not a movie you want to skip out on. You’ll be able to watch Herself tonight.

Check out the trailer for Herself:

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Herself is on Amazon Prime Video tonight.