The Expanse Season 5, Episode 5 recap: The Roci crew continue on their own journeys

The Expanse Season 5 -- Courtesy of Brendan Adam-Zwelling/Amazon Prime Video
The Expanse Season 5 -- Courtesy of Brendan Adam-Zwelling/Amazon Prime Video /

Here’s everything that happened on The Expanse Season 5, Episode 5

The Roci crew remain separated at the end of The Expanse Season 5, Episode 5. Is there enough time in the last half of the season to get everyone back together and deal with Marco?

Before we even consider that, we need to breakdown the events of the episode. As Holden pushed back his own grief to focus on the bigger problem at hand, Naomi risked her life to get a message out. Meanwhile, Alex and Bobbie continued to follow the stolen Martian tech, and Amos went on a climb.

Then there’s Camina, and we’ll start with her storyline.

Camina grieves the loss of Fred

The world now knows that Fred has been killed on The Expanse Season 5, Episode 5. That certainly didn’t take long. The Belters are dealing with that in different ways.

Some don’t care—they never knew the guy. Some remember the help he offered, but still viewed him as an Earther. Then there’s Camina. She worked with Fred long enough to know he was a good guy. Period.

And that does some him up. Forget Earther, Belter, Martian, for now. Fred was a good guy who wanted great things for the Belt. Now he’s gone, and is Holden the guy to help continue Fred’s mission?

Maybe Camina will return. She can’t just yet, though. Marco wants to meet with Camina and her Belters. They’re on their way to see what he wants, even if they’re not interested in joining him.

Amos gets out of a sticky situation

The last we left Amos, he was trapped in a cell with Peaches after going to visit her. The asteroid hit the Earth, leading to an Earthquake down below. He and a few prison guards need to deal with that situation to get back up the nine floors of the building, and there’s no word from the top.

Of course, they have no idea what actually hit the Earth. Amos thinks it’s the aftershock from the African asteroid.

When he finds a way up, the guards realize they need help from another inmate. Amos nicknames him Tiny, although this guy isn’t happy with that nickname. However, Tiny does what he needs to do to get free.

One prison guard dies in the process, but that’s relatively minor to what they see at the top. Remember the nine floors they were supposed to climb up? Well, they reach daylight much sooner than expected. The entire building has gone.

Tiny uses his shot to get free, leading to another prison guard dying. He then picks up Amos to throw him back down the elevator maintenance shaft that they’ve all just climbed out. The third prison guard shoots and kills Tiny, with Amos throwing Tiny down the elevator shaft.

Amos and Peaches are left alone on Earth, as Amos sends the prison guard to go look for her kid. Will anyone be alive on Earth?

The Expanse Season 5, Episode 3
The Expanse Season 5 — Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Naomi gets a warning to Holden

Holden is trying to deal with his grief by focusing on the bigger problem right now. They need to follow the ship that left Tycho since Monica got a look at the flight plans. Just as he’s firing up the drives, he gets a call from someone he doesn’t recognize.

That call is actually from Naomi. She’s managed to get free and learns that the Roci’s drives have been tampered with. She steals a phone to get the warning message out. It’s just in time for Holden to shut down the drives.

The Roci is unflyable at the moment. That’s not great for a couple of characters. Holden needs to save Naomi from Marco, but he will also need to save an abandoned Alex and Bobbie in the Razorback.

Alex and Bobbie are under attack on The Expanse Season 5, Episode 5

Yes, Alex and Bobbie end up in trouble. The two initially manage to follow the stolen Martian ship they were originally following at the end of the previous episode. They catch a bunch of other Martian ships hanging out.

Bobbie realizes that this is all the stolen tech. The Belters, under Marco, have managed to do something no Belter has done before. And this isn’t good.

They need to get a message back to Holden, but can’t send it through the comms yet. If they do, the Belters will know they’re following.

Well, it’s too late for that. The Belters see the Razorback and fly after it, firing torpedoes at the same time. Fortunately, Alex is a damn good pilot and can outrun a couple of torpedoes. However, the torpedoes just keep coming.

Alex can do one last thing. He does an emergency dump of the engines, allowing the torpedoes to his them. The Razorback is flung into space, silently. Is there any hope of getting the two back home? Is this how Cas Anvar is coming out of the show?

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