Will Soul come to Amazon Prime Video?

Soul debuting exclusively on Disney+ © 2020 Disney/Pixar, All Rights Reserved
Soul debuting exclusively on Disney+ © 2020 Disney/Pixar, All Rights Reserved /

Will Soul be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video?

Disney Pixar has done it again. Soul is one of those animated movies that is perfect for young and old, bringing some meaningful lessons to learn. Now you’ll probably want to stream it on Amazon Prime Video.

Will Soul come to Prime Video for free for those with Amazon Prime? It’s very unlikely. This is a movie Disney will want to keep on its own platform.

However, never say never. We have seen some Disney movies head to other streaming platforms while being on Disney Plus. Captain America: The First Avenger has been on Amazon Prime Video along with a few other Marvel movies, while Frozen is on STARZ. Disney just doesn’t seem to want to offer up an exclusive license for other streaming platforms, which makes sense.

So, there is a chance Soul will eventually come to Amazon Prime Video. However, it’s not going to be for quite some time. It didn’t get a theatrical release, so Disney will want to make sure the Disney Plus release works out financially.

Will Soul come to DVD, Blu-ray, and Amazon Video?

How about a Digital release? What about on DVD?

There’s no reason to think that Disney won’t release the movie on DVD and Digital eventually. While it has had a non-traditional release direct to the streaming platform, Disney knows that there are many who love to own the movies on physical disc.

There are others who like to buy the movies on Digital. This allows people to watch in their own preferred way, whether it’s through Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, or another format. It’s possible to watch without an internet connection at all times.

We’re looking at three months or so before this happens at the earliest.

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Soul is currently available to stream on Disney Plus.